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ETX college student on quest for new kidney

Cameron Hendrix Cameron Hendrix
Becky Hendrix Becky Hendrix

One East Texas college student needs help -- and you just may be the person who can help him out.

Late this past summer, 21 year-old Cameron Hendrix of Hallsville found out his kidneys have stopped working properly.

"He's a great boy, and I'm proud to be his mom. He's got such a positive attitude that it puts me to shame sometimes," says Becky Hendrix.

She describes her son as fun-loving and quirky, a normal college student, and says if you didn't know him, you'd never know he was sick.

But in fact, he became really sick in 2007, when during an ordinary trip to Six Flags, he had trouble walking.

"We went to the hospital the next day and through various tests and stuff, we found out that I had an autoimmune disease that took the shape of attacking my kidneys," Cameron says. "And at that original point, my kidneys got a little bit worse and we managed to suppress the disease, but from that disease my kidneys were scarred and they've been slightly getting worse and worse just from the original scarring."

Worse to the point that Cameron entered end-stage renal failure late last summer. He's now on two kidney transplant lists and gives himself four dialysis treatments a day.

"At first, I guess, it was kind of shocking, it was like, well I'm going to have to take these medicines, and I have to do dialysis, but now that I've been doing that for six months, seven months, it just kind of became the new normal," he explains.

He's been through worse. Right after he first got sick in 2007, Cameron's dad John passed away due to complications from pneumonia, a devastating loss Becky says they've learned from.

"You're always stronger than you ever think you're going to be. That you just take life with the grace that God gives it to you. And you try to be a positive role model for anyone else that's going through worse things, because there are worse things," she says.

"It kind of opened up my eyes -- you never really know what people need or they're going through, so if you can be helpful, just be helpful to people," Cameron says.

Becky Hendrix thought she would be a good match for Cameron's kidney transplant, but after several weeks of testing, she will likely be denied the chance to donate.

So he's still looking for a kidney donor, someone with A+ or O+ blood.

If you feel like that's something you're seriously interested in, Becky Hendrix has updated Cameron's Facebook page with information on how to start the donor process.

You can find it on Facebook by searching for "Cam's Kidney Quest."

The family also needs financial help. They have a donation site set up at to help them with transplant expenses that insurance won't cover.

You can find Cameron's site by searching for "Hendrix" in the patient search.

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