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Elderly couple homeless after fire

James Hall James Hall

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- An elderly couple, on a fixed income, is left homeless after a fire torched the inside of their home. Around 5 o'clock Saturday, crews rushed to a home in the 13-hundred block of Dale Street in Longview. 85 year old James Hall and his wife had lived at this home for 20 years, today he can only look at what was lost.

"We're both on social security retirement, I don't expect to rebuild this one its just too far gone," says James.

They were drying clothes, and earlier hall put out a small fire of clothes in the dryer. Later he couldn't stop it.

"Somehow electrically the drying machine just started burning, just a room full of smoke couldn't see the fire," Hall says.

Hall was able to get his wife and get out unharmed. Fire crews worked quickly to douse the blaze, but not until substantial fire and smoke damage was done to the home.

"As soon as I dialed 9-1-1 and told them my house was on fire I took her hand an we left the house," he says.

The world war two army air corps veteran now finds himself starting over from scratch.

"I'd like some help in how to find another place, can't say that I want or need anything but the good will of everyone," says Hall.

Longview red cross workers are putting the Hall's up in a hotel temporarily. The Halls were insured.

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