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Hallsville citizens petition for police officers


Hallsville residents are banding together to get their officers back on the job. Hallsville residents were going door to door , and manning city park, to get signatures on a petition to get their police force reinstated.

"I think what they mayor did to them was wrong, they're saying they didn't follow policy but you have officers that have been here for 18 years so I think they have followed policy for 18 years," says petition supporter Danielle King.

"Chief Greg Scott has been with us 15 years that's a long time we know him, and in a small town you want to know your police officers," says petition organizer Carolyn Franco.

It was December 28th that the Hallsville mayor fired the police chief, sergeant and patrol officer for what she said was not meeting proper standards. Angered by the firings, residents started the drive.

"We demand that the city council reinstate them and overturn the mayors decision, I feel like what was done to our police officers was wrong, they're good police officers, I think the taxpayers deserve an explanation its effected them," Franco says.

Complicating the issue, the city has hired a new chief and two new officers.

"They kind of put themselves in that position when they made a decision to come in a take a job when they knew it wasn't over yet," says Franco.

And its not just a petition but a political message they're sending.

"We're hoping we can show them just how much the taxpayers that put them in their positions want these guys reinstated, next election I don't see them keeping their seats," Franco says.

The petitions will be presented to the next city council meeting January 16th, with organizers insisting the city re-instate all of the former officers.

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