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02/15/04 - Longview

Longview Mission Busy During Cold Spell

Hundreds of meals were served by the Highway 80 rescue mission to needy people over the past 3 days after cold and snow blanketed the Longview area.

   "Folks that ususally stay out are coming in.  My heart really burdens for them because there's no reason for them to be out there, they have a warm place to come," said Mission Director Tony Chung.

    The snow brought the kid out in alot of East Texans, but for some it was a time to find a place to get a hot meal and a warm place to stay. "I was outside in my Eskimo jacket all day yesterday building snowmen and that was hard enough, I could couldn't imagine not having a place to live and puting up with the cold," said Mission volunteer Stacy White. 

"With the weather we ahd yesterday it gives them a palce to get a hot meal and a shelter for the night.  They have done everything they can to increase the numbers that they can take in," said volunteer Dana Rutland.

   The mission was at capacity for two straight days, and with more cold weather on the way they'll be needing more supplies to take care of the needy.

  Many rely on the mission during times like these, and hope that this part of winter is over.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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