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Thieves cut hole in wall, steal thousands from ATM


Early Wednesday morning, CJ's Quick Stop in Jacksonville took a hit...and a camera caught it all.

The thieves cut a hole in the wall to access the store.

"They came over here with a sit of tin snips, cut the sheet metal, folded it back out the way," owner Roy Johnson told us.

The duo then crawled into the store. In the video you can see one suspect trying to pry open the ATM. But, this machine was built to last--it takes both of the suspects to finally pry it open. And, they took off with the cash.

"The amount that was in the ATM at the time of the theft was 2,840 dollars," Johnson told us. He uses off-site surveillance and he turned the tape over to police.

"We're chasing a few leads and we're hoping that will give us something to go on and figure out who these two individuals are," said Greg Compton with the Jacksonville Police.

By contract, Roy Johnson has to reimburse the company that supplies the ATM. And, until the suspects are caught...he is left with little faith.

"Somebody always wants something that doesn't belong to them. They don't want to work for it. They don't want to go out and get a job," he said.

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