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Better East Texas: Will Texans get a vote in the Republican primary?

By Pat Stacey

Did you ever think that healthy population growth would put Texans at a political disadvantage?  Well think again. 

Thanks to a lawsuit against the Republican-led legislature redistricting plan, the state of Texas will most likely not have a voice in the upcoming Presidential primary.  A federal court has moved the Texas primary from March sixth to April third, effectively taking Texas off of any stage to help decide the republican presidential candidate since nearly every other state will have held their caucus or primary elections by that date. 

Now this applies to the democratic primary as well, where it is obvious that Barack Obama will receive the nomination there.  But this change of primary date silences a potential of more than 25 million Texas votes and there is at least one Texan in the race for the Republican nomination. 

The current system seems to be the problem because you can't fault the need for every state to have a voice and candidates should be able to campaign across the nation in every state. 

But with technological advances, it is certainly possible for candidates to reach potential voters easier and that means that a national primary, or at least 3 or 4 regional primaries that compress the primary system into just a few "Super Dates", would solve this problem. 

This decision starts with the heads of the respective parties and perhaps it will gain steam for 2016.  Until then, Texans will have to watch from the sidelines while the presidential tickets take shape.

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