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02/13/04 - Van

Changing Our World - Kelly Lockwood

Kelly Lockwood has always loved music, and now, she's sharing that love with others. She's teaching music in her hometown of Van, something she didn't realize would be her passion until she got there.

The music room at Van High School is one of the livliest and most popular rooms around, thanks to music teacher Kelly Lockwood and a common love for music.

"I want them to come in and learn, maybe be in a different mood. Maybe they came in sad and I want that to be a change in the day, but I also want them to learn music. It's a talent I think that will go with them the rest of their lives," says Lockwood.

Kelly, who once was a student herself at Van High School, offers music classes that have a broad appeal to students of all interests. Kelly said, "I've got football players, basketball players, baseball, cheerleaders, softball. I've got all the girl athletes and then we've got the ones that maybe this is the only activity they're in, so they learn to jell well. I think that's good for them to learn as a team and to enjoy that passion for music that they all have."

This passion for music is at its height when its time to get ready for the spring musical. This year's theme is "American Bandstand".  Although the music may be a few decades old, it has the same appeal with these students it once had with their parents. Now Kelly says this isn't just a music rehearsal room, she says it's a rehearsal room for life. For those who want to continue their music education after graduation, Kelly is here to help them pursue their dreams. I really enjoy music and I really want to do something else and she is really helping me to get scholarships and things so I can progress", said student Whitney Wilson.

"Most of all, she's fun. I like to sing and entertain. I've aways liked that," said student Beau Garland. One of the ways Kelly combines music with life experiences is the bienniel trip to New York City she initiated a few years ago. Lockwood said, "I guess the goal in the back of my mind was to take them somewhere where they would never take themselves and to experience something that they would never see in Van, Texas."

It's a way of not only encouraging her students' love for music, but also of opening up a whole new world for them.

"It's just fun to watch them light up and see the big city and I really think that it's given them a lot.  It gives those kids a drive to know there's more out there," said Lockwood.

By teaching that dreams can come true along with her music, Kelly Lockwood is Changing Our World.

Joan Hallmark, reporting.
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