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Man yells "Time out!" in court; gets shocked with taser

Freeman Franklin Payton, III Freeman Franklin Payton, III

SALISBURY - A bizarre outburst in district court in Salisbury led to a man being shocked three times with a taser.

It happened Tuesday morning, according to the report at the Rowan County Sheriff's Office.

Freeman Franklin Payton, III, was in the courtroom of Judge Marshal Bickett. When Bickett sentenced Payton to a 45 day active sentence on a probation violation, Payton screamed "hold up, time out, that's beat up!"

When he refused to settle down, and refused orders to go to a holding cell, Payton was shocked with a taser by the court bailiff.

Once in the holding cell Payton was told to empty his pockets and sit on a bench. He refused, according to the report, and became combative.

Payton was then shocked a second time with the taser, at which point he told the deputy "okay, no more."

But there was more, according to the report. Payton again refused the deputy's order to sit down. He jumped up and began yelling. That led to a third shock from the taser.

Payton is now in jail on a probation violation.

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