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ETX art exhibit turns found objects into fine art


It's likely you find "stuff" everyday, whether it's in your house or out on the street.

But a new art exhibit opens at Tyler's Gallery Main Street tonight that takes all that stuff that other people have found and turns it into art.

"This exhibit is about what a lot of people think is an emerging art form, but an art form that's been around for decades and decades. It's a subject of a lot of imagination, but also controversy. It's assembly art, or art of the found object," said Beverly Abell, Tyler's Gallery Main Street Department Leader.

The idea is to take anything you'd find in everyday life, and then let your creativity take hold.

"We take things that have been found on the street, like maybe a hubcap or a pipe or styrofoam, or things that you've found around and you assemble them into a work of art," Abell said. "It starts off as one thing in its original life and it ends up as a piece of art that hangs on the wall, so the art is in the assembly and how it's put together and how it's interpreted."

And nothing was off limits for the show.

"We have some really creative things here. We have cigarette packs reinterpreted as art. We have wall hangings that began life as paper plates. You would not recognize them now, they're great works of fine art," Abell said.

And according to Abell, this is an art form that anyone can take part in, if you just start looking around.

"You know, there's art in everyday life, and it's really in how you handle the subject matter as to the art it is, so start looking at everything as a potential subject for your art," she said.

The exhibit officially opens Thursday afternoon from 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. with a reception. It will be open through the month of January and is free to the public.

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