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Father allegedly bites 7 yr. old daughter in face

Billy Ray Hicks Billy Ray Hicks
Sheriff Taylor Sheriff Taylor

Anderson County Sheriffs Department have arrested a man they say bit his 7-yr.old daughter on the face. 31 yr.old, Billy Ray Hicks, turned himself in to the Anderson County jail late this afternoon on a charge of injury to a child. Sheriffs say the biting happened December 26th at a home in the 500 block of Kickapoo street in Frankston. KLTV 7's Annette Falconer talked with family members and a witness, to get more details of the case.

"The little girl told me her daddy bit her, the little girl told me her daddy bit her," says Geline Dodd, the Hicks neighbor. According to Billy and LeAnn Hicks neighbor, the seven year old girl ran from her home after allegedly being bit by her father. "All the sudden, he ran out and he went in and grabbed the little girl and she was kicking like trying to get away from him," says Dodd.

On December 29th, three days after the incident, Anderson County Sheriff's deputies were called to investigate. "This child had been bitten by her father, attempting to breaking up or intercede a family violence that was happening between the girl's father and mother," says Anderson County Sheriff, Greg Taylor.

But according to Billy's father and mother, Billy and his wife would never hurt their daughter. "He did not hurt his daughter, I mean I know she had a bruise, but it was an accident," says Linda Hicks.

An accident Linda says was blown out of proportion, "She fell on his mouth or whatever because she was squirming and that was it, and that's where she got the bruise on her face."

The Hick's daughter is now staying with her grandparents, after CPS gave custody to them. "Their findings was that he did not bite her, it was an accident," says Linda Hicks. But Sheriff Taylor from Anderson County, clearly disagrees,"You could see a mouth print to the face; three days later."

Dodd says she won't forget the initial story the girl told her in the beginning, "See she acted like when she was sitting there telling me that day, after the police came, she was angry at him for doing that."

Authorities believe now that CPS is in involved, the girl will get the proper care to help her get through this.

Billy Ray Hicks was arrested today for injury to a child. His bond is set at twenty five thousand dollars.

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