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Gastric Bypass reduces heart disease, extends lives


One East Texas woman says she has added years to her life by shedding 160 pounds, after having surgery.

If you haven't seen Shelley Schanley in a year, you probably wouldn't recognize her now. That's because in the before picture she weighed 158 pounds more than she does now.

Schanley says she weighed 313 pounds.

Dealing with weight problems since she was a teen, it makes sense that she was also plagued with other health problems.

"I had diabetes, I had high cholesterol, hyper tension," Schanley explained.

And she was dependent on her medication, taking insulin for diabetes and oral medications to control high cholesterol.

But, that was before she had gastric bypass surgery back in October of 2010. Now her life is the complete opposite.

Dr. Robert McKinney says, "Her quality of life her functional status has dramatically improved."

"I'm off all medication," Schanley says, "The only medications I take now are vitamins."

But losing the weight and keeping it off isn't as easy as just going under the knife.

"You have to change your mindset," Schanley explained, "You have to watch what you eat."

And part of the behavior change means meeting with her doctor on a regular basis.

Doctor McKinney says Shelley is just one of the many who can live longer with bypass.

"We've been finally able to prove actual patient studies that these surgeries save lives or help people to live longer," he explained.

And that means more to Shelley than being slim and trim.

"It wasn't because I wanted to look better," she says, "I wanted to feel better and I wanted to live to see my grand kids one day."

Doctor McKinney says gastric bypass isn't for everyone.

You must meet both physical and mental criteria to be candidate.

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