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ETX political experts weigh in on Iowa caucus results


Mitt Romney's razor-edge win in Tuesday's Iowa caucus is certainly good for his campaign.

But local experts say it's still too soon to know whether this win will propel him to the nomination.

"I think it does solidify his frontrunner status, obviously, but it remains to be seen what happens in New Hampshire and South Carolina," said Smith County Republican Party Chair Ashton Oravetz.

"Romney's win, without a significant margin, doesn't really upset the apple cart very much. I mean, it's kind of going into yesterday's caucuses that was what was projected," said Smith County Democratic Party Chair David Henderson.

But Rick Santorum's razor-edge second place finish shows an anti-Romney trend still continues in the Republican party.

"Referring from Perry and Gingrich and whomever, Bachmann first, as an anybody but Romney, and they're looking for somebody," Oravetz said.

"Santorum, his showing was not such a great surprise because he began, as everyone else has fallen by the wayside in the last few weeks, he began to emerge. So his coming out stronger in this may be a continuum for him that the conservative wing of the party will now support and give him a better look than they've given in the past," said Henderson.

The question now is -- will one of these candidates get a bump in New Hampshire next week because of their finish in Iowa?

"The big mo? I don't think anybody comes out of this with a great deal of momentum because of the recent history of who's up and down, it's been like a high-school popularity contest. Someone who's hot this week is not so hot next week," Henderson said. "And so, until we get through New Hampshire, we won't really know -- after New Hampshire, we'll begin to see a little more momentum because there will be some more eliminations."

And Governor Rick Perry has been the first candidate to hint he might be thinking of dropping out. He released a statement Tuesday night that he is heading back to Texas Wednesday to reassess his campaign and see if there is a way forward for him to continue after his disappointing fifth-place finish in Iowa.

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