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Health care made easier for Tyler Veterans

TYLER, TX (KLTV) – Certain veterans may no longer have to travel to Dallas as much to receive that health care they earned.

With the help of something called Telehealth, medical personnel are taking advantage of technology to cut down on distance and time for veterans.

Since September of last year, Randy Arnold has been making fewer trips to Dallas thanks to Telehealth and his Health Buddy.

"Telehealth is a program used to treat veterans in a different location where a provider is not readily available or service is not readily available," said Lee Farr, Tyler VA Primary Care Clinic.

At the Tyler VA Primary Care Clinic you can get services that range from primary care, radiology, mental health services and services to help manage your weight.

"The way the program works is they sit in front of a screen and they can actually see the dietician and the dietician can see them," said Farr.

"It's good because there's a class of people in Dallas and you just feel like you're part of a bigger class there are only two of us here," said Arnold.

With the Health Buddy, veterans who suffer from congestive heart failure, diabetes, obesity or hypertension are all able take the device home and have nurses keep track of their vitals on a daily basis.

"The data once its trended it's sent to the provider so the provider can decide on the information and make changes if needed," said Farr.

"It's easy to keep up with and it keeps you mindful that you're on the system," said Farr.

Farr said veterans who have any questions about the Telehealth program can get more information about the services at the Tyler VA Primary Care Clinic.

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