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Wanting to work out? Gym etiquette tips here.


New Years resolutions are in, and the start has begun. Thousands of people are taking one step closer to become healthier by working out. Even though it's a great goal, there are some things to remember when you work out for the first time.

It's one of the most common goals this time of year, get in shape.

"She's walking me through them all now, so I'm coming back this afternoon late and I'm going to get started today," says first-timer at Premier Fitness in Tyler.

But there's a couple things people need to know before they go into a gym.

"Hopefully your sweating if your working out, and if you sweat you want to wipe it up, keep the equipment clean, nobody wants to share your germs," says Ross Campbell, a Premier Fitness Trainer.

Most gyms offer towels or sanitizing wipes to keep your sweat out of the way for others. Which is another thing, staying out of the way of others.

"Pick multiple exercises that way you can rotate in between exercises and as you're doing something else, someone else can work in with you," says Campbell.

"When you come in and you try to get all of your workouts in one machine, you typically sit there for a couple minutes, and especially this time of year it can get backed up," says Jamie Hughes, a trainer at Premier Fitness.

Campbell says one way to keep your workout smooth and fast is to communicate, but with ear phones on playing loud music, that can make it difficult, "Say for an example when your working out and other people want to use the same equipment, you want to be able to hear them, so you can share your equipment."

Campbell says it's only courteous to turn your music low, and be alert to your surroundings.

And last but not least, Hughes says to be careful with the weights, and don't drop them hard on the floor. "One thing to also think about is we do have padded floors here, but there's cement underneath this so if you slam it to hard, eventually it may crack."

Premiere trainers say you can have them show you around the gym to answer any questions about the machines.

Plus, you will feel more comfortable using the equipment when you know how to.

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