Community Spotlight: Goodwill Industries

Community Spotlight: Goodwill Industries

By Pat Stacey

For years Goodwill Industries of East Texas has used a powerful service and business model to provide jobs for our community, train workers in new skill sets, and even make a difference in the amount of waste in our landfills.

Goodwill has always been known as a great place to donate used household items which are then resold through retail outlets but Goodwill Industries of East Texas does so much more and that is why the organization has been named KLTV's Community Spotlight.

Goodwill Industries of East Texas operates over a 13 county area and they have 15 retail store locations so there is sure to be one near you.  Career and Counseling services provides training skills for more than fifty students per month readying them for their next job.

Goodwill, working with Dell computers diverted more than 1 million pounds of electronic waste from entering our landfills and more than 3 point 5 million pounds of normal everyday items have been salvaged.

So, Goodwill is perhaps the largest recycler in all of east Texas.  Goodwill Industries of East Texas answering the need of improving the skill base our labor force, helping hard workers get a new start and operating a great model for repurposing household items and clothing in a way that truly makes a difference and KLTV's Community Spotlight, making this a Better East Texas.