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Quick-thinking witness extinguishes fiery Longview crash


A woman and two children were sent to a local hospital Monday morning as the result of a two vehicle wreck.

It happened at the intersection of Gilmer Road and Fairmont shortly after ten Monday morning. The accident was recorded by two different security cameras.

The situation could have become much worse if not for the quick thinking of a bystander.

At 10:09 AM, two convenience store surveillance systems were recording their respective properties when they caught the impact between a car and an SUV.

People in both the stores heard the crash. Some said it sounded similar to a garbage truck emptying a dumpster. In one angle you can see the impact was so great all four wheels of the car were off the ground.

 Immediately people started running to the scene. James Richie was one of them.

"I heard the noise and I turned around and looked and saw the wreck and I went over there to check on them and saw that the car was on fire," he said.

James said the people in the car were getting out, and his next thought was find a fire extinguisher. He ran into another convenience store.

"So I went into the store and got a fire extinguisher and put it out," James said.

Emergency workers arrived moments later and put three-year-old Kinley Haba in an ambulance. Her mother, Robyn Haba, of Gilmer, was able to get the child out before the fire grew.

Tracy Blalock, the driver of the SUV, had her son Riley taken to a hospital a little later.

James said he only thought of one thing, and that was to, "Get the fire out. Too close to the gas station, get it out before it blows up," James said.

In less than a minute, he had the fire out.

Everyone admitted to the hospital had non-life threatening injuries. Authorities had Gilmer road opened by 11:30.

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