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7 On Your Side: Fluff the cat rescued from tree

SMITH COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - A cat was stuck in a tree for ten days. Friday afternoon, he's finally down from that tree and back in the arms of his six-year-old owner. Neighbors contacted KLTV 7 On Your Side for help. And we were there for this happy reunion.

Fluff is back on the ground now with his six-year-old owner Katie. Saturday would have been the eleventh day for Fluff to sit in a tree. For days, neighbors tried to get him to come down.

"Kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty. Oh, look at him. He's like oh just leave me alone. Let me lay down and leave me alone poor thing. He's just not going to come down," said Diane Wells, neighbor.

Neighbor Diane Wells believes a dog chased fluff into this tree in her front yard. She says they tried everything to rescue fluff, even using a tractor, but nothing was tall enough to reach him.

So for ten days, they've watched the one-year-old cat stare down at safety..

"He looks and he used to every time you'd come up here to the gate, he'd sit there and just meow pitifully like please don't leave me here, please get me down. I'm tired of being up here, but the past couple of days he's gotten to where he barely meows," said Wells.

Wells says they called the fire department, but couldn't get a response. So, we called and within ten minutes they were here, rescuing Fluff from a ten day stay in a tree. A reunion,  Winona Volunteer Firefighters say they were happy to make happen.

"Well, you got your kitty back!" said a firefighter to six-year-old Katie. "We are always here to help, whatever the problem is."

We're told Fluff is resting at home drinking lots of water and eating. His owner says he is going to be okay.

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