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Freedom Fighters: Joe Crenshaw

Joe Crenshaw Joe Crenshaw
Joe Crenshaw Joe Crenshaw

By Joan Hallmark

At the age of 17, Joe Crenshaw joined the Army to see the world.  Instead he saw a war in Korea. As part of the fighting 534th Truck Transportation Company", assigned to the 1st Marine Division, Crenshaw arrived in Korea just in time for the big invasion in 1950.

As American forces advanced  further into North Korea, temperatures plummeted to 148 degrees below zero.  Along with the cold, a new enemy joined the fight.  Chinese soldiers arrived by the tens of thousands.

Since his service in Korea, Crenshaw has continued to serve our country by his efforts in the VFW and American Legion.  He was instrumental in bringing the "Veteran's Affairs Outpatient Clinic' to East Texas.

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