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Speed is Key on the Quick Date

"I am just looking for a companion," says Brenda.

"I just wanted a change of pace," claims Michael.

"To meet new people," explains Tammy.

Tammy, Michael and Brenda all have different reasons for coming to the Potpourri House tonight, but they're all looking for the same thing... love.

They're trying their hand at the quick date.

"Start your quick date."

Here's how it works. Thirty single men and thirty single women sit at tables for two. For three minutes they talk and learn a bit more about one another, and then at the sound of the whistle, the men stand up and switch tables.

Then both people rate the person they sat with as a yes, I'd like to see them again, or a no.

Brenda says the speed is what attracted her to this quick date party.

"It's three minutes and if I don't like them, they are gone," she explains.

Once they someone sits down, the questions begin.

"It's kind of like cramming for a test. Do you do this, do you do that, what do you do?" says Brenda.

So can you really find love, or at least chemistry in 3 minutes? These quick daters say it helps if you know what your looking for.

"Attraction to me is number one," says Tammy.

In less than an hour, you meet 30 eligible singles and at least for some of our speed daters, romance could be in the future.

"It's going great. I've met several men I would be interested in," says Brenda.

If a match is made, the couple is contacted via e-mail, and then the real dates begin.

There will be more quick date parties in East Texas in March and April. Stay tuned to your favorite Clear Channel radio station for details.

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