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Longview landmark closing for business


It's the end of an era in Longview, a sad time for anyone who loves model trains.

A longtime familiar landmark will be closing down. And with it, the legacy of a man who has spent his life bringing the enjoyment of model trains to generations.

Model trains have fascinated old and young alike for generations. And Longview's Homer Fleischer has brought thousands of people into the hobby over the years.

"It was a good ride though, it really was, because when I opened up this shop, there weren't too many model railroads around," says Homer, "I've even had people from Dallas because they knew I had things they couldn't get in Dallas."

Homer's has been a fixture on the corner of Methvin and 5th Street for 30 years, and has even gotten prominent East Texans into model railroading.

Former state representative Tommy Merritt says, "I want to congratulate Homer for his 30 years of making life great for train enthusiasts."

The nostalgia and history first got Homer into the hobby as a boy.

"I've been a model railroader since I was six-years-old," Homer explained, "I used to sit on my grandmother's front porch... her house was only 100 yards from the New York Central Railroad. I used to sit there and watch those trains go by."

But now it's time to close the tracks.

Homer says, it's been great to keep the child inside alive for a long time, And he hopes somewhere along the way he's made people happy.

Homer's will be open for a closing sale over the next two days from 1-pm to 7-pm each day. Homer's final day of business will be Saturday.

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