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Mt. Vernon's Bachelor - Lanny Lawrence

Mt. Vernon is a small, quaint town that brags it welcomes everyone. But right now their minds are all on one man, Lanny Lawrence.

From the court house to the Dairy Queen, you'll hear everyone talking about Lanny. Everyone in town knows him. Some since high school -- other's since birth.

"He obviously was a stud then and is still a stud now," says Joe Scalley a high school friend.

Everyone considers him a celebrity.

"As far as I'm convened he's bigger than Don Meredith could ever be," says Charline Frerich.

"We have dandy places for Dandy Don Meredith and maybe we will have Lanny places for Lanny now," says his first grade teacher Marilyn Elbert.

Lanny's even part of the curriculum at the local school.

"Teachers play the tapes in class from the night before and all the students. It is the first conversation Thursday morning," says Andrew Solomon a student at Mt.Vernon High.

The town thinks Lanny was made for TV and destine for Meredith. They tell us he's been sweet on girl's named Meredith since 1st grade.

"When he was in first grade he was at the Halloween carnival with a girl named Meredith and they were class sweethearts," says Elbert.

Lanny's mom Jeanne made sure everyone in town got to show their love for Lanny in tonight's episode when he brought Meredith home. They made her a special quilt that everyone in town had a hand in making.

"All our friends in Mt. Vernon sewed buttons on," says Mrs. Lawrence. "Because I wanted them to be a part of this."

And Mt. Vernon really does feel they are part of the show, because they're such a big part of Lanny's life.

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