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Busted saw blade blew through warehouse roof in Bossier City

BOSSIER CITY, LA (KSLA) - A statement is expected Thursday afternoon from the Northwest Pipe Company in response to an incident that sent a large piece of sharp metal flying into the air Wednesday and into a the parking lot of a nearby shopping center.

The company confirms it was a saw blade used to cut through steel pipe that shattered and blew through the roof of the company's Bossier City warehouse.  The blade traveled some 250 yards, slamming down in a nearby shopping center parking lot, cutting deep gouges in the asphalt as it bounced another 20 to 30 feet before coming to a rest. 

Witnesses reported hearing the hunk of metal whizzing through the air, and Daniel Darnell called police after seeing it come down.  "As I was eating my lunch over at McDonalds I saw a white object falling and then it hit the ground and I saw it bounce."

In spite of a parking lot full of cars, no one was hurt and no major damage was done.

Police initially suspected it might have come from an aircraft, and called the FAA as a precaution.  But employees at Northwest Pipe quickly recognized the "mystery object" in local news reports and called authorities.

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