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RAW SURVEILLANCE: ETX school vandalism

NEW SUMMERFIELD, TX (KLTV) - Police are looking for whoever burglarized and vandalized an East Texas school.

Police in New Summerfield say the vandal broke into the agriculture building at New Summerfield High School before entering the school.

Sgt. Mark Stith with the New Summerfield Police Department says it took 24 minutes for the suspect to do $35,000 worth of damage to the New Summerfield Schools Christmas morning.

"He was actually using one of the outdoor fire extinguishers to break the window to gain entry," said Stith.

Gaining entry to a place that police say the suspect was very familiar with.

"He broke in on the back side of the ag building he got in through there and he went to areas of the school that are videoed, but these are interior doors so none of them are alarmed," said Stith.

Police officers believe the suspect may be a former New Summerfield student.

"There was that one particular room that he made great effort he came back to it several times trying to gain entry into the room until he finally gained entry," said Stith.

However, officials said they're still not sure why the suspect was so persistent with that one classroom. They do however think the suspect took advantage of Christmas morning.

"It was Christmas morning so we're thinking that the subject used the quietness and the fact that no one was out and about because everyone was enjoying their Christmas with their families to kind of cover what he was doing," said Stith.

Stith said the suspect also stole an undetermined amount of cash and a laptop from the administration building.

Officials say they have recovered fingerprints from the scene, and when he's caught, the suspect could face charges from burglary of a building to a federal criminal mischief charge.

Stith said repairs have already been made to the school and students are expected to start school as scheduled after the holiday break.

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