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Occupy Alaska protesters facing sub zero temps

FAIRBANKS, AK (CNN) - The Occupy movement is having a tough time protesting in Alaska.

Protestors in Fairbanks are having to fight off the biting cold and the local government.

The mayor's office says they can protest in the town square, but they have to get rid of their tents and stoves. That is considered camping and against the city code.

But the protesters say they need them -- to maintain their right to free speech through the winter.

Ethan Allen, Occupy Fairbanks protesters says, "This isn't recreation, we're here to speak out and raise awareness, and in order for us to do that 24-7, we need to be able to keep warm and maintain our presence that way."

But Mayor Luke Hopkins says, "I don't agree with you, I hear what you're saying, I have information, the advisement to me as mayor, is we don't really see it that way."

For now, the occupiers will continue their marathon protest, regardless of the temperature.

Forecasters predict temperatures will not rise above zero degrees Fahrenheit this week.

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