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02/11/04 - Tyler

Searching for "Mr. Wonderful"

      The usual valentines gifts are flowers, candies, and cards. But one gift is a big hit with women in East Texas this year; it's a talking toy called Mr. Wonderful.

     "I have one, it's a nice reminder for my spouse to remember exactly what to say " says Tyler shopper Debbie Bancook.

     He says everything that women want to hear. His recordings are sensitive, caring, and thoughtful, and he's wooing women with sayings like "no dear that dress doesn't make you look fat", or " you take the remote , as long as I'm with you I don't care what we watch" or "please , can't your mother stay another week".

   "He's tall, dark, and handsome, and clean cut, and says all the right things" says Bullard shopper Kelly Wood. Sold in 2 sizes , economy and industrial, he says everything men never say.

  Some dispute what Mr. Wonderful says, " 'Yes dear', I don't believe I'd have said that" says retail worker Ben Pate. Five dollars for the small, sixteen for the big model.

  Mr. Wonderful can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond on Broadway or Dillards in the Broadway Square Mall.

 Happy Valentines Day, Bob Hallmark reporting.

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