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Resolutions for 2012 have nothing to do with money

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - With these tough economic times...we were certain the "money issue" would be somewhere on that list of New Year's resolutions.

But, after we talked to a few shoppers, we found out we were wrong.

"Me and my wife don't live really high-end. We both have jobs," Brian Upshurch told us.

Barbara Wooldridge told us she has several things she wants to conquer in 2012.

"The first one is not to nag my husband so much. That's just to make him happy. The second one is he and I run half marathons together and my resolution this year is to beat him," she said.

Carol McQuaid told us she doesn't does not do the whole "New Year's resolutions" thing.

"If I don't make them, I might stick to them...even though I don't make them," she said.

And, Bob Bowman says he just wants to be a better family man.

"To be a better husband to my wife. To be a better father to my children," said Bowman.

So, as it turns really wasn't on the list. But what was...turned out to be much better.

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