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Car crashes into man at Tyler gas station

UPDATE: A local electrician was putting air in his tire when a woman crashed into the side of his vehicle.

"This lady here was pumping her gas and when she was got through she got in her car thought she had it in reverse, but instead she had it in forward and plowed right into the side of us," says Tristan Sutch.

Sutch was sitting in the passenger side of the vehicle, but fortunately walked away with no injuries, but his friend was not so lucky.

"His feet were hanging off the curb and then the car just slid right up on them," says Sutch.

Multiple injures, but fortunately none of them are believed to be life threatening.

"He's in pain; I mean both his feet are broken at least I know one ankle is totally crushed so he'll be going straight to surgery," explains Sutch.

He is worried his friend's injuries will require a lengthy recovery, something his wife and five children will have to cope with.

"I just hope he's alright. He's my good buddy; I work with him everyday...I'll miss him," Sutch says.

Sutch hopes the woman's insurance will help with the cost. He says the only thing left to do is pray for a quick recovery.

So far, authorities have not issued any citations.

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - A man was injured after being struck by a vehicle in a gas station parking lot.

According to emergency personnel, a man was filling his tires with air at the Citgo gas station at the corner of Broadway and Houston when he was struck by a vehicle.

The woman driving the vehicle that struck the man, thought her car was in reverse, when it was actually in drive. When she accelerated, the vehicle crashed into the man's car pushing it up onto the sidewalk and into his leg.

The man is being transported to a Tyler hospital and will most likely need to undergo surgery on his leg.

The driver of the other vehicle was not injured.

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