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Better East Texas: The payroll tax credit

By Pat Stacey

It seems that every day Americans are doing more to improve the economy and brighten the spirits of many that are financially strapped than those that have been elected to do such. 

We have all seen stories of secret Santa's, and others that are paying off lay-a-way tickets of perfect strangers.  There have been other stories as part of the movement to buy American and recently reports highlighting material suppliers of Made in America products to build homes. 

All this while Congress and the President are at a stalemate on the payroll tax credit.  This is a tax that will go into effect if Congress and the President cannot get together and pass a bill before December 31st

Now they may still get this done but the emotional toll this wrestling match has taken on many American families has been damaging. 

Just as we feel like things are getting better, our government pulls defeat out of the jaws of economic victory.  Congress' approval rating is dropping even further and, as a governing body, they are not doing their job. 

There are numerous conservative reformists in Congress and I am afraid that many of them are doing more damage than good, now there are many liberals as well that don't know how to reach across the aisle and this latest debacle surrounding the payroll tax credit puts all of us in a financial pinch. 

They have to hear that compromise is not a dirty word but reelection maybe.  So Merry Christmas east Texas from a federal government that is missing the holiday spirit. 

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