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Better East Texas: Tebow's faith

By Pat Stacey

There has been a lot of analysis lately on the play of NFL quarterback Tim Tebow. 

Tebow has led the Denver Broncos to comeback win after comeback win.  But while much attention has been given to the final score in these games, almost as much attention has been drawn to Tebow's faith. 

Some in the national media have tried to draw the conclusion that Tebow's faith has been the catalyst for the wins.  Tebow, a born again Christian certainly gives thanks and credit to Jesus but he stops short of saying that God intervened in the games. 

It is obvious that Tebow is gifted with physical talent but at some point, the Denver Broncos will lose a game – and then what happens, will there be questions that God has deserted Tebow? 

Unfortunately, it is not only possible, it is probable.  Someone will akin the Denver loss to God taking his hand off of Tebow for some reason. 

Fortunately, Tebow has remained very consistent in his adult years and is living the life of a servant leader and hopefully his actions and approach will have an impact on, not only those in the huddle with him, but also those who are seeing him play on television. 

We need more guys like Tim Tebow in professional sports to be positive, inspiring examples even under the pressure of a cynical national media.  It will make for true heroes and for a Better East Texas

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