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Christmas is over, but shopping has just begun

Shannon Baker Shannon Baker

With Black Friday and Christmas behind us, you would think the shopping mayhem would be over, but that's just not the case

"Day after Christmas is super busy, people coming in to shop for clearance Christmas items and definitely storage for all of the Christmas stuff they have gotten over the weekend," says Shannon Baker with Target.  

Target even opened their doors early this morning.

"We definitely had a crowd at the door waiting to come in," says Baker.

It's the day after Christmas and already people are preparing for next year, but it's for good reason

Baker says the majority of their Christmas decor is fifty percent off.

"I take advantage of all the sales and get and prepared for next year," says shopper Claudia Fuentes.

"I usually hate after Christmas sales, but I decided today it was worth it to try to spend some of my Christmas money and come and get some new stuff," says shopper Staci Kennedy.

She walked away with a handful of items without spending a fortune.

"So far today I know I've saved three hundred and seventy five dollars," says Kennedy.

One mother is a seasoned pro when it comes to finding the best after Christmas sales.

"We went to Kohl's, then we came here, and then our next actual stop is going to be Walmart; from there we'll hit Bealls just to spend the gift cards at that point," says Fuentes.

So what is she going to do with her savings?

"As they get older the toys seem to get expensive so I need to save for that," she says about her son who is already picking out more Christmas presents.

And with 200 hundred dollars in savings, that should help her buy her little guy a few extra gifts next year.

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