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Fireworks retailers home for holiday rebound

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV)- One industry is hoping this week will help them bounce back from summer setbacks. Fireworks retailers are banking on New Years' celebrators to make up for what they missed because of the drought. The summer drought led to devastating fires in East Texas and burn bans everywhere, and those bans hit the fireworks industry hard.

"We didn't know if we were going to sell last summer until almost right up until time to go, it obviously effected sales and it obviously was down," says Jimmy Cox of Fireworks Express.

"Everybody took a real big loss in the firework business and stuff and we planned on making up for that this winter," says Justin Barecky of Fantastic Fireworks.

And for fireworks fans , it was a downer.

"We were so getting ready for it in June and then the fire ban, couldn't pop them , it really stunk," says 12 year old Jacob Cordova.

Summer drought and burn bans were almost disastrous for the east Texas fireworks industry, but their hoping that the celebration of the holidays will bring a renewed interest in fireworks. The fourth of July is their banner time, and making up for its loss will take some doing.

"It looks like its going to be a pretty good year this year, it is an opportunity to recoup from the summer," Cox says.

But what gives them hope , is their biggest fans, kids.

"Lots of kids are getting Christmas money and wanting to come here and spend it," Barecky says.

"I'm looking forward to popping them on New Years Eve," says Jacob.

Fireworks sales, by law, will continue until midnight on New Year's Night.

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