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Power outage forces restaurant to close

El Mejicano is one of the few Tyler restaurants that stays open on Christmas day, but they had to close down early, which is something employees consider bittersweet.  

Lupe Salinas has worked at the restaurant for three months and knows the power outage will cost them lots of business today, but she is positive.

"I'm excited because I get to be with my family later on; I'm pretty sure everyone else is too," Salinas says.  

Oncore says about 1,000 customers lost power when a squirrel contacted a live wire, which killed a circuit.

"When it started getting really busy the lights started going on and off, on and off until at a certain time they just went off," Salinas says.

According to this employee the customers who already had their food were not too phased by the power outage.

"Yeah, they were still eating," Salinas says.

The manager says he gave those customers a discount and then closed down early.

"Since we didn't have drinks or anything and the food was getting cold, he just decided to close it," Salinas says.

With a few hours short of business, the day wasn't a complete loss for the restaurant...especially since it gave them a few more hours with their family.

Oncore says the majority of their customers had power within the hour.

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