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Grinch- like behavior coming out on the roads

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Many of you have probably experienced the frustration of sitting in all of that holiday traffic.

"Lots and lots of traffic on South Broadway all the way up to town the loop has been crazy you just have to be patient," said Judie Hayes, frustrated with holiday traffic.

"It's just as hard to get into a store as it is to get out and get back in to the lane of traffic you want to go to," said Ruben Beard, frustrated with holiday traffic.

Don Martin with the Tyler Police Department said with the holidays finally here, and everyone out on the roads, the traffic tends to pull out Grinch-like behavior in some drivers.

"Because of the heavy traffic people are not obeying the red lights like they should be they're tired of waiting in the lines leading up to the intersection  if they're lights turning red they're just continuing on because they say I'm not waiting for another red light so they just go on," Don Martin, Tyler Police Department.

Martin encourages drivers to keep obeying the traffic laws and be courteous because after all it is Christmas.

"If they do those two things then we reduce our number of accidents as well as citations being issued," said Martin.

Martin says people also need to remember to slow down and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front.

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