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Local country music star shoots video in Longview today

by Jamey Boyum

LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - Tyler Street in Longview was shut down by police most of the day, but not for a reason you might think.

Longview's own Neal McCoy shot a video on location downtown using locals as extras.

The song? It's called A-Okay, and, to the East Texans involved, it was way more than just okay.

Neal's record company wanted to shoot his new video in Nashville, but he's been gone so much this year, he decided to stay put and bring some love to his home town: Longview.

His Director, Marcel, seemed right at home here.

"Neal's going to be like, 'well come on it's gonna be a-okay,' and then you're like all right and you get up and follow Neal, you're having a good time," Marcel said to his extras.

"You know Neal's friends with everybody around here, so we've got literally everything we need at the tips of our fingers, and all of the fans showed up. Neal promoted it on the radio. It's just been amazing," Marcel added.

"I think everybody's getting a kick out of it," Neal said.

"It's pretty fun. I'm excited," said Morgan Allen from Gladewater.

"Why'd you do it?" I asked her.

"Well, one of my friends asked me if I'd come out here, I said of course. It's been fun."

"This song is about a three minute smile. Who can't use that?" Neal said.

"You notice this thing up here? It keeps stalking you," I said, pointing at the camera boom.

"This thing up here? It's crazy; everywhere I turn there's that, there's you..what's going on around here? I'm never coming down here shopping again it's too scary," Neal said.

"Yeah it is. You've been mobbed," I said.

"I have," he said.

"Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert have co-produced the thing and so we have a lot of heavy hitters on the production side of the thing, and Blake and Miranda are singing background vocals on the thing so we're excited about it," Neal said.

"Are you happy Bob Hallmark isn't doing this story?" I asked.

"Yeah. Bob, that's old news. We're glad you're here. We don't need Bob. We don't need..well, we need Bob," Neal said.

These professionals work fast. By mid-afternoon, they were done.

"Hey, Neal, hey, Neal. Are you ready for this?" Bob Hallmark showed up out of nowhere and asked.

"Ready for what?" Neal asked.

Bob wasn't thrilled he showed up late.

The Single, "A-Okay," has already been released. Neal McCoy's new album XII (Twelve) will be out March 6th.

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