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Good Samaritan gives church some heat for Christmas

ANDERSON COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - After some railroad maintenance cut the gas line back in 2010, this small church has been alone and in the cold.

Green Bay AME Church is spending its second winter without heat. But fortunately, a good Samaritan was watching KLTV 7 and heard this church's cry for help.

J.T. Brison lives more than a hundred miles from the church and owns a bail bond business. He tried to get Union Pacific to repair the gas line--but that didn't work. So, he called Atmos Energy-the gas provider for the church.

Atmos has a gas line just across the highway. The company was able to get a permit to dig under the highway to the church.

The church's gas line was relocated and will join Atmos' gas line across the street.

"Oh, I got discouraged numerous times. But certainly, where there's a will, there's a way and God will Provide," said Brison.

And, this small church won't pay a cent thanks to Brison. He's only asking one thing in return--and it's not money.

"I just hope there is more people that will get involved and help people that's unable to help themselves," Brison said.

This church has had it's last Sunday--in the cold.

"This is one of the greater blessings that anybody could ask for at Christmas time. That we we'll have a warm sanctuary to worship in," said Rev. Edward Hunt.

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