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President Bush Answers Tough Accusations

President Bush has denied he marched America into war under false pretenses.

The President told "Meet the Press" Sunday, despite there being no evidence of weapons of mass destruction, Saddam Hussein had the capability to produce them and was a threat to the U.S.

In the oval office interview, Bush speculated about what might have happened to Iraq's banned weapons. He says they could have been destroyed during the war, hidden or taken to another country.

Bush says, quote, "we'll find out." he does acknowledge that some pre-war intelligence apparently was inaccurate. "I based my decision on the best intelligence possible, intelligence that had been gathered over the years, intelligence that not only our analysts thought was valid, but analysts from other countries thought were valid," says the President.

President Bush also defended his national guard service during the Vietnam war. He has been accused of being AWOL for a year in the early 1970's after transferring to an Alabama unit. While news reports say there is no evidence he reported for duty, President Bush says those reports are quote "just wrong", pointing out he received an honorable discharge.

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