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02/08/04 - Longview

Longview Woman Bilked out of Lifesavings

     A Dallas woman who recently moved to Longview is needing help after being bilked out of her lifesavings. 58 year old Francis Martin-Scarfone moved to Longview two weeks ago, with the intent that many have when they come to a new town.

     "I wanted to make a new start in my life" she says. But she says a family friend she was staying with bilked her out of thousands of dollars of her lifesavings, leaving her living out of her car and penniless. "It's fair to say they took everything I had.  "How did I get here? I've always been able to sustain myself, and take care of myself," Francis says.

     An area couple offered Francis an abandoned building off Pine Tree road to live in, with no running water, no kitchen no bedroom, and only a small space heater to keep warm. The director of the Hiway 80 Mission visited to see how he could help.

    "She just wants to make a new start, she finds herself living in her car and this is not unusual" says mission director Tony Chung. She has numerous problems ahead, she's a cancer patient and needs treatment, she also has no money for rent, which she insists on paying, and now desperately needs and income. "A job if I could get a job" says Francis.

     She's gotten food donations and some items to furnish her temporary home, but the former day care worker and nanny is still hurting , and wondering why. Anyone wishing to help Francis is asked to call the Hiway 80 Rescue Mission.

Bob Hallmark reporting

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