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Two for one

HIDEAWAY LAKE, TX (KLTV) -   Very few golfers can hit one hole in one in a lifetime.  One East Texas man hit two hole in ones in the same round.  64 year old Bob Byerly aced two different par 3 holes on Saturday at Hideaway Lake Golf Course just outside of Lindale.

Byerly did a little research afterwards and could find that only 2 other golfers had matched his feet in the United States this year.  His wife Debbie looked up the odds of this happening and found it was 67 million to one.  That led Byerly to test his luck elsewhere.

"When we finished the round I had three other buddies we all chipped in twenty bucks," said Byerly.  "I ran up to the store bought 80 lottery tickets and got a three dollar winner out of all of that. I'll remember this to the day I day, really excited. I don't know how to explain it any better than that, really a thrill."

Hideaway Lake has three different nine hole courses.  Byerly hit his first ace on hole No. 2 on the Central Course.  The par 3 was 125 yards.  Byerly hit an 8 iron.  He hit his second ace on his 16th hole of the round.  Byerly hit a 9 iron 110 yards to ace the No. 7 hole on the West Course.  Byerly had hit one other ace in his life.  That was also at Hideaway Lake.

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