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"Layaway Santa" strikes in East Texas

By Jamey Boyum jboyum@kltv.com

You've probably heard of the layaway angel. You know, people who randomly pay off other people's layaways.

Well, one has struck in Longview at the Kmart on Judson road.

And, this anonymous person may be coming back tonight.

Layaway used to be one of the favorite ways to pay for Christmas..or anything really. There's no interest, just a small fee. You just have to be on time with your installments.

Tiffany Jackson of Longview said, "This year is probably my first time to use it in over twenty years. I used it this time because it was more convenient for me to pay it out than spend all that money at one time."

"Well, if you wait you probably won't be able to get your items," said Sharon Smith of Longview.

There is a penalty if you're late, and some places just put the stuff back on the shelves and you lose your money altogether. Kmart refunds your money minus service and cancellation fees if you miss your payment deadline. But, they do give you fifteen days to pay off your stuff after the missed payment.

That's where the Layaway angel steps in. The angel in Longview looks for delinquent layaway with lots of toys and pays it off leaving the layawayer with a final bill of one penny. That keeps the account open so the right person can pick up the Christmas.

"It's not you is it?" I asked Tiffany.

"I wish it was, I wish it was. I love to give," She said.

"Well, you have the red coat on and everything," I observed.

These layaway angels like to stay incognito. Hmm. What better way to throw everyone off than go ahead and do the television interview.

 Most like to think there's a little Santa in all of us.

Many are saying the Layaway Angels are only asking one thing: to pay it forward. If this happens to you, help out someone else.

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