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'Secret Santas' strike again

Santa and his helpers have been very, very busy.

This weekend, a man went to a Walmart in Ohio and paid off the layaway balances for twenty-three people.  The anonymous donor shelled out $8800. Some of the purchases were for Walmart employees.

Anonymous donors are paying off layaway balances, not only at Walmart, but also at Kmart and other stores.

The secret Santa, or "Layaway Angel" as he's being called, has asked us not to tell you his name, but rather to share his message.

He's been on a mission, helping Las Vegas families down on their luck.

"I just love walking up to families that you can tell are definitely shopping for their children; you can tell they are looking for sale items, and you can tell they are trying to stretch their dollar the most.  You walk up to them and being able to give them a gift card, and have their balances paid off right there in the store, right there, you can't even put a price tag on that kind of feeling," he says.

"You just want to cry. We had a lady, we cried in the line because one of the Secret Santas handed a customer a $100 bill because she was going to return her layaway and the lady was like, 'I want to pay hers off,' and she just handed the lady a $100 bill."

"They told me that this mysterious Santa paid off my layaway, and I just totally flipped out," another customer said.

For Donna Thomas, who lives in South Carolina, it's a Christmas miracle.

"In fact, when they called, I said, 'Oh, I'm coming to get my layaway,' and they said, 'Oh, well good, it's been paid off,' and I thought maybe my husband had paid it off or something. And they were like, 'No, this mysterious person Santa paid it off," said Thomas.

"The people have been generous to no end and it's spreading, it's spreading like wildfire, especially in a time of need, there's so many people that are in need of so much.  The fact when they look at their toys and they say, 'Grandma, you did so well,' I'll know in my heart 'well, I had a little angel on my shoulder."

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