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02/07/04 - Longview

Longview Victims Attacker gets Prison Sentence

A Longview robbery victim is hoping to sleep easier after his attacker is sent to prison. 70 year old Clay Saul was brutally attacked back in April.

"One of them was kicking me up and down on one side, the other was hitting me in the face.  One was hollering kick him, kill him, kick him, kill him," says Saul.

Saul, a marine Korean war veteran, was attacked and robbed by two young men at his home on Judson road.  He says he was trying to help 17 year old Matthew Myers when he and his accomplice 19 year old Jimmy Harris hit Saul from behind, knocking out several teeth injuring his shoulder and requiring numerous stitches... But when your a marine you don't quit.

"The only thing I had on my mind was getting off the floor and defending myself and showing two young punks what an old man can do," says the marine veteran.

The two were later captured.  Myers was sent to prison for 18 years for the attack, and that news was bitter sweet for Saul.

"Well I can't be happy about anybody in jail, but I think its deserving," he says.

But the attack continues to take its toll on Saul.

"Now I constantly worry about is that door locked ... That's taken a big part of my freedom," says Saul.

The men robbed Saul of a grand total of $40, which they used to by crack cocaine. Jimmy Harris is awaiting trial.

Bob Hallmark reporting.

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