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Longview shelter receives backlash over euthanizing

LONGVIEW,TX (KLTV) - Angry public backlash today after an east Texas animal shelter announces a temporary closure and the euthanizing of more than a hundred dogs. A distemper outbreak at the Humane Society of Northeast Texas has workers there in the inevitable position of having to euthanized infected dogs.

"We have confirmed blood results yesterday from a veterinarian that one of the animals that had been adopted out from the shelter had passed away from distemper," says shelter executive director Christine Kerr.

Nine dogs recently died from distemper, one of them while at staying at the shelter.

Since last night workers have received numerous hate calls and slanderous e-mails, calling them heartless and even murderers.

"Calling them names sending them hate mail making uneducated comments on social web sites is not helping them. They're already facing a difficult job having to euthanized the remaining animals the dogs. I do not like my staff being attacked. Nobody loves animals more than the people who work at the shelter," Kerr says.

154 dogs will have to be euthanized. Every year the Humane Society of northeast Texas takes care of about 12,000 animals that are strays or have been neglected or dropped off by their owner.

The angry remarks have left their mark on workers.

"We're picking up the pieces of what citizens bring us what they fail to vaccinate and they fail to spay and neuter," Kerr says.

The temporary shelter at Maude Cobb agricultural pavilion is being staffed around the clock by Humane Society personnel and volunteers. "Distemper is a deadly disease, we immediately went into lock down," she says.

The main location is closed to allow staff to disinfect the shelter.

"This is to protect all the animals that come in from now on," says Kerr.

The disease only effects dogs; the shelter's cats are not at risk.

The Humane Society's main location on Enterprise Street is expected to be re-opened to the public on Tuesday.

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