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Humane Society of NE Texas responds to canine outbreak

Update:  According to Christine Kerr, Executive Director of the HSONET, "The outbreak has been determined to be distemper. Sadly, this leaves us with no other option than to euthanize any dogs remaining in the shelter. After extensive power washing and cleaning of the entire facility , the shelter will reopen December 27th.

We ask the public to delay any surrenders until then if at all possible. However, the City of Longview has set up an emergency intake shelter for us at the rodeo arena at Maude Cobb Center which is staffed by the shelter."


Released by Humane Society of North East Texas:

In response to an undetermined canine outbreak, the Humane Society of Northeast Texas has established a temporary animal shelter within the Agricultural Pavilion of the Maude Cobb Convention and Activity Complex. The temporary shelter at Maude Cobb Agricultural Pavilion is being staffed around the clock by Humane Society personnel and volunteers. Anyone needing to surrender an animal to the shelter at this time may bring the animals to the Agricultural Pavilion temporary shelter, located at 100 Grand Blvd.

The Humane Society established the temporary shelter after learning that nine dogs recently died from undetermined causes. One of the dogs died while at staying at the shelter; the other eight dogs died after they had been adopted or rescued.

To help contain an outbreak, the Humane Society facility located at 303 Enterprise will be closed until further notice to allow staff to disinfect the shelter. There are currently 154 dogs and 136 cats housed at the main shelter facility. Staff will continue to carefully monitor the health of all the dogs. It should be noted that cats appear not to be affected by the outbreak.

Adopters of the affected animals are eligible for a full refund. Humane Society staff encourage anyone that has recently adopted a dog to monitor the pet's health closely. Humane Society Executive Director Christine Kerr says, "It is our normal practice that anytime someone adopts a pet, we encourage them to take the animal to a vet to have it checked out. In fact, adopters receive an insurance policy that covers up to $750 for vet expenses."

"When we learned about the outbreak, we worked as quickly as possible to set up a temporary shelter for any newly arriving animals. I am really thankfully for the group of volunteers that has already stepped up to help us address this issue. Our goal is to curb the outbreak, disinfect the shelter, keep the animals healthy, and reopen our main facility as soon as possible." Kerr says.

Dog owners who believe their animal may be at the shelter are asked to come by the temporary shelter with pictures of the animal and proof of vaccination.

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