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Students give to SPCA instead of each other

WHITEHOUSE, TX (KLTV)- Some East Texas students decided to spread the Christmas cheer by giving gifts to the less fortunate... not people, but animals.

"We're donating stuff to the SCPA for pets for Christmas," said Charlie McBride.

They brought blankets, food, bowls and treats. And they didn't forget the fun stuff.

"We feel like they should get some toys for Christmas too," said Charlie.

All compliments of Ms. Turange's 5th grade class at Cain Elementary in Whitehouse.  

"We wanted to help the cats and dogs that were hurt and abused that don't have any homes," said Charlie's classmate Leslie Hargis.

But they weren't just donating.. they were giving something up, too. Showing some selflessness in the season of giving

"Instead of us doing the traditional where you give each other a gift that's five dollars or less and it's usually some cheaper kind of coloring book or something, we decided it would be good to start volunteerism and giving back," said homeroom mom Christie Joy.

"I brought some dog food and cat food and some treats," said Leslie.

The idea came from homeroom mom Christie Joy and the class's teacher Ms. Turnage.

"This year Ms. Turnage and I thought so why don't we donate to the SPCA because they're an up-starting foundation and they need a lot of help with the animals," said Christie.
And she said the kids were instantly on board.

"They were really excited. They're a really generous group of kids with a good heart so they wanted to give back," said Christie.

Because if you ask these 5th graders, it's important to remember everyone at Christmas time... and that means furry friends, too.

Ms. Turnage's class donations will be dropped off at the East Texas SPCA office on Monday.

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