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ETX couple stuck in Lake Tyler after going "mudding"

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas couple got stuck in Lake Tyler early Friday morning while trying to go "mudding" in their pick-up truck. After being stuck since 1 a.m. Friday, a wrecker company was finally able to pull them out Friday afternoon.

"We got stuck!" said the driver.

In the middle of Lake Tyler sit two trucks, both stuck in the mud. The couple attempted to go "mudding" Friday morning, but it looks like the mud got the best of them.

"So funny," said Erica Lopez as she snapped a picture.

Drawn to the muddy scene, Lopez and many others just watched.

"We seen the two trucks out there and we couldn't believe that somebody would actually try to drive down into the lake," said Lopez.

"Looked out there and seen trucks were boats ought to be," said Dale Karnes, onlooker. "Thought it was a pretty stupid move. It's been raining for three days."

"I couldn't turn that down. It was kind of fun. I mean, everybody is laughing about it," said Johnny Carpenter.  

A second truck also got stuck after attempting to tow the couple's truck out of the lake. Carpenter already tried to help, but says this situation calls for professionals.

"It's not real smart. It's a lake I mean and you don't drive in lakes just because it don't got water in it and that little red sign up there says, do not leave pavement," said Carpenter.

Carrying a sack, the driver's girlfriend heads back to the truck. They could be here a while.

"Should of brought back a tent and some food," said Karnes.

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