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Officer brings East Texas woman back to life


After saving a little boy's life this summer, a Tyler Police Officer is once again being called a hero after saving a woman's life after her heart stopped beating.

On Wednesday, 45-year-old Lisa Jones of Tyler collapsed beside her vehicle in the parking lot of the post office on South Broadway in Tyler.

Jason Glasscock will never forget this morning he almost lost his big sister.

Lisa Jones was running an errand at the post office--something she does every morning for the family business.

But this time, her life almost came to an end--she collapsed in the parking lot. But her guardian angel was nearby--writing someone else a traffic ticket when a bystander got his attention.

Officer Jimmy Turner got to Lisa as soon as he could.

With no pulse, Turner began chest compressions--anything to give Lisa a fighting chance. But this "angel" admits, he was afraid.

"My heart was pounding so fast you know, I had to make sure it wasn't mine I wasn't feeling," says Turner.

Moments later, paramedics arrived. And after using a defibrillator, Lisa's heart began to beat.

Turner says, "That was a big sigh of relief for me."

Lisa was rushed to ETMC where she remains in Cardiac Intensive Care.

Lisa's brother Jason says, "I immediately started praying. My wife walked in and put hands on her and just prayed man."

Thankful that his sister's alive--but just as thankful for Officer Turner, for hanging on to his sister until help arrived.

Jimmy says he is also thankful, thankful that Lisa will be here, "I'm so happy that she's still here and gets to have Christmas and enjoy the time and family."

And what better Christmas present to receive.

Doctors say they are not sure exactly what caused Lisa to collapse.

As of Thursday night, she remains in the ICU.

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