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KISD official explains events surrounding teacher suspension


More information is coming out on a Kilgore teacher, accused of slapping a four-year-old special needs student.

The Kilgore ISD Superintendent explains what the district's investigation found, and what's being done about the teacher.

It was an eventful day at Kilgore Heights Elementary on December 8.

"They were on the way to the library to see Santa Clause and take the tour of the library," explained KISD Superintendent Jody Clements.

According to Clements, four-year-old Christopher Golay wasn't in the best of moods, due to traveling on different field trips a couple days before.

"One of our special need students had been having a bad day and had been acting up and had actually slapped the teacher," says Clements, "The teacher responded by slapping back the student."

Two adults reportedly witnessed his teacher slapping Christopher, so the school took immediate action.

"She is on administrative leave indefinitely, and we will not be putting her back on the campus as the due process takes place," Clements assured.

And as far as the teacher goes, Clements says, "From talking to her and saying what I can, is that she said it was just a reaction, and she knew when she did it, she had made a mistake."

But Jessica Golay, Christopher's mother, say the teachers alleged reaction is unacceptable.

"I just don't believe in hitting a child in the face, it doesn't matter if their autistic or not," Jessica expressed.

Jessica says she put her complete trust in her son's teacher, and now she fears the worst.

"He can't tell me anything, I don't know if this has happened before," Jessica shared.

But Superintendent Clements is doing his part in making sure it won't happen again.

"We feel like it's in the best interest to not have that teacher anywhere involved with the children, and that would be our wishes, and that's what we've done," says Clements.

Right now, the teacher has not been criminally charged.

Christopher's mother says she has filed charges, and police tell us they are still investigating.


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