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02/05/04 - Longview

New Tendonitis Procedure In East Texas

A new procedure offered at East Texas hospitals will help those who suffer from the pain of tendonitis, through an innovative technique. 45 year old Carl Houlditch of Longview suffers immense pain in the elbows from tendonitis.  He works as a shipping laborer and depends on lifting heavy loads to earn his living.

"The work I do working in shipping , it's picking up stuff and some days I could pick stuff up and some days I couldn't," says Houlditch. He's tried every conventional treatment with no luck.

"Nothing worked, I got steroid shots that didn't work, got anti-inflammatory medicine that didn't work," he says. Houlditch underwent topaz technique surgery at Henderson Memorial Hospital, a common surgery with a new twist. The procedure is adapted from cardiovascular techniques, using radio frequency energy treatments to repair tears in blood capillaries around tendons.  It allows them to heal themselves and bring back normal movement with no pain.

"What I've found is that these patients are pretty much back to normal in a couple of weeks , their pain is greatly resolved," according to Houlditchs surgeon Dr. Craig Sessions. It's a 15 minute operation and the patient walks out of the hospital within an hour. And Carl's doctor speaks from experience. He's a topaz patient.

The topaz technique is most commonly offered to patients who suffer damage in the knee joints, elbows or rotator cuffs, injuries often found in heavy labor jobs and athletes.

Bob Hallmark, reporting.

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