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Unexpected art from a surprising artist

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - One man's trash is another man's treasure. This statement could not be more true for East Texas chef and now self-proclaimed artist, David Wallace.

The Downtown Coffee Lounge is much more than a coffee shop for Wallace; it's work, home and for the next six weeks it will be his art gallery.

"It's just had a really neat effect on a lot of people. They just think it's very colorful, very pretty, and very textural," says Wallace.

David has turned this into much more than a coffee shop. He is great at finding multipurpose for one item, which is something he does with what other people throw away.

"I refer to this stuff as the litter of life and I talk about picking up pieces from Miranda Lambert's concert, festival on the square, and the Christmas parade. People come to downtown and leave little bits of themselves behind and I pick it up and turn it into art," says Wallace.

This unexpected art comes from a surprising artist. Wallace has worked in kitchens since he was thirteen-years-old.

"It's the same thing, you are arranging foods, colors, textures, and come up with something attractive. So, really this is my first time out making art like this," says Wallace.

His biggest masterpiece is his renovated apartment.

"Because of the resources we used and because we used a little bit of elbow grease,  sweat equity and creativity we were able to create a pretty spectacular home for about one thousand dollars," says Wallace.

He made dramatic lights from tuna fish cans and parts of a vacuum cleaner.  His dining room table was created from scraps, which he painted to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Wallace says all it takes is a little creativity and passion to make your own masterpiece. This is a pretty fun way to recycle, so next time think before you throw it away.

Wallace is selling some of his recycled artwork at the Downtown Coffee Lounge, which will be on display for the next 6 weeks. He says he is going to donate his earnings to the Downtown Art Coalition.

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