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I'm getting WHAT for Christmas?

by Jamey Boyum

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Some of us really enjoy throwing people off when it comes to gift giving.  There's the box-in-a-box-in-a-box thing, and the box-with-a-note-telling-you-where-your-gift-is-hidden thing.  And now there's something else.

They're called the Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes.

They're boxes with products that don't exist, like the Bathe and Brew, a coffee maker for your shower that also dispenses soap.

You just put your real gift into the empty  box and wrap it up.

The Prank Pack boxes feature other odd, fake products, like Toe Tunes slipper speakers, which are supposedly like having a DJ in your slippers! Of course, no one makes those.  East Texans had varied responses to the "products."

"If there was a DVD player in there instead of those slippers....?" I said.

"I would love the DVD.  I would. I would love the DVD because speakers on slippers is ridiculous, isn't it?  I mean, come on," Symantha Jennings said.

And Family Blankeez, the blanket that covers up to eight people with one arm on each side looks pretty real at first glance.  But The Pet Petter seems a little....out there.

"Never touch your pets again. Pets are wonderful, and filthy.  I guess they are," said Phil Anderson, reading the box.

So what if you opened this up and you didn't get this product and you got a DVD. What would you be thinking then?" I asked.

"I would like that better," Phil said.

I think the packaging looks so good, folks are a little confused by the whole thing.  Especially because KLTV does Does it Work.

"You put your gift in this box and they open it and go huh?" I said.

"Okay, I see now.  I think they're pretty cool," said Phil.

"I think it's all in good humor.  I think it's pretty neat," said Lydia Miller.

"Look, don't get too excited, your real gift is inside.  Prank Pack. Look, prank you, it says prank you," said Symantha.

"Well, prank you guys very much," I said.

Pretty much everyone got it when they saw the shot of three bicyclists wearing one Blankeez. Please don't try this at home.

Prank Pack gift boxes are available at Bed, Bath and Beyond, and online.

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